20 Wall Shelves You Need in Your Life

Wall shelves are useful when it comes to storage. But lately they’ve also become a great wall decor option. A creative shelf isn’t just a pedestal for sweet nothings and display tokens. It can take a role of a focal point or a decorative piece in the room. Many modern designers go for unusual shapes, unconventional materials, and generally a more interesting design approach.Have a look on these 20 Wall Shelves You Need in Your Life gathered here.

1) Dream

Dream by Dripta


2) LagoLINEA

LagoLINEA by Daniele Lago


3) Mid-Century Modern Shelf

Mid Century Modern Shelf


4) Intriguing Wall Shelf Designs

Pulseline by Salomonsen Design


5) Zaha Hadid’s Valle Shelves

Zaha Hadids Valle shelves


6) Catch-Bowl

Catch Bowl by Torafu Architects


7) Lava Shelves

Lava shelves by Peca


8) Alfabeta

Alfabeta by Tonelli Design


9) Stone Shelves

Stone shelves by Stephen Bogaerts


10) Tuyo Design Shelves

Shelf by Tuyo Design


11) Moss Shelves

Moss by Calligaris


12) Ridges

Ridges by Kukka


13) Box1-7

Box1 7 by BeaMalevich


14) Typographic Bookshelf

Typographic Bookshelf by Meb Rure


15) Network Shelves

Network shelves SET 13 by julien Vidame


16) Frames Wall

Frames Wall by Gerard de Hoop


17) Eos Shelf

eos by Giuseppe Bavuso


18) Flaepps Regal Shelf

Flaepps Regal Shelf by Ambivalenz


19) Oak Circle Shelf

Oak Circle Shelf by Bride and Wolfe


20) Donkey Kong Wall

Oak Circle Shelf by Bride and Wolfe