20 Wooden Bathtubs for Modern Interior Design and Luxury Bathrooms

Interior designing plays an important role in construction of a building, home, office etc. Wooden Bathtubs for Modern Interior Design and Luxury Bathrooms are trending on these days. White tubs are replaced by wooden tubs. It increases the beauty and always be cool. The look of the bathroom itself will change when you build your bathroom with wooden tub. Come and have a look on this for your next design!

1) A Traditional Japanese Soaker Tub

round soaking wood tub puntoacqua


2) Round Wood Bathtub Munai

round wood bathtub munai ash 1


3) Bamboo Bathtub for Two

bamboo bathtub for two niewendick


4) A Timber Bath Hand Crafted Wood

timber bath tasmanian oak wood and water


5) Water Resistant Coating Tub

large timber bath wood and water australia


6) Heart Shaped Bath Design Tub

heart shaped tub wood and water australia


7) Timber Baths Tub Design

timber bath wood and water australia


8) Freestanding Timber Bath Tub

freestanding timber bathtub karpenter


9) Plywood Bath Tub Woodline

waterproof plywood bathtub woodline agape


10) Plywood Tub From Gruppo Treesse

plywood tub gruppo treesse calypso wenge


11) Ofuro Bath Tub Design

larch wood ofuro bathtub matteo thun rapsel


12) Japanese Cypress Wood Bath Tub

japanese wood bathtub ofuro cypress


13) Japanese Style Wooden Bath Tub

lacquered japanese wooden tub furo urushi


14) Teak Bathtub From Boxart

teak bathtub boxart


15) European Style Custom Wooden Tub

custom tub walnut bath in wood of maine


16) Contemporary Wooden Bath

contemporary wooden bath rosemarki


17) Solid Wood Bath Tub

solid wood bathtub e legno group


18) Deep Wooden Tub

deep wooden tub khis frants seer


19) Sapele Wood Tub

sapele wood tub seth rolland salish sea


20) Laguna Basic Wooden Bathtub

wooden bathtub