25 Contemporary Garden Benches That Aren’t Boring

Distantly resembling their metallic predecessors, contemporary garden benches stand to offer a range of ideas to those seeking to enhance their backyard. They’re not only for show, though. Modern benches come with all kinds of design elements and perks to make outdoor lounging extra pleasant. No more shivering from the cold touch of metal or puffing your chest trying to move those things. These outdoor seats are good for anything you throw at them.

1) Modena

2) Oko Lounge

3) Arkipelago KVTT2

4) Low-High Bench

5) Hopper Bench

6) Garden Couch Banca Lounge

7) Image’in

8) Fiftie’s 1750

9) Fiftie’s 1750

10)Bench Klasen Outdoor

11)Turtle 02 Storage Bench

12) Roma Bench

13) Isla Bench and Planter

14) Easy Bench

15) Soft Garden Bench

16) Slim Line

17) Lausanne Bench

18) DNA Bench

19) Frame Bench

20) S Bench

21) Fuse Garden Bench

22) Talea Bench

23) Moko Seat

24) Patioset Bench

25) Astral Round Bench