Awesome Photo Manipulation for your Inspiration

Photoshop Tutorials about photo manipulation are awesome way to educate yourself about how to manipulate photos and give it a surreal effect. These fantasy photo manipulation are feast to the eyes because of the amazing effects and techniques used while creating these pictures. There are several posts about photo manipulation examples but today we are going to showcase some of the rare and new Photoshop manipulations most of us have not seen yet.

Manipulating photos are a art of editing photos from original photos to something surreal and add illustration and art of deception into it. For some these breathtaking images are great inspiration for their projects for some some just a learning process to learn more about photo editing using tools like Photoshop and other image editing tools.

Manipulated pics from original photographs are something takes your images beyond your imagination and makes you feel it is so real.

Check out some of these really awesome and fresh Photoshop manipulation.

A Creative Photoshop manipulated image of a girl dreaming about sitting next to her house in miniature format. Some of her toys, Carousal, doll and her house in the village.
Designed by Amal Arts

A cleverly Maniopulated photo of a evil lady standing in front of a anchient building with some nice effect of red, yellow and orange. Nice use of texture and backgrounds.
Designed by Maiarcita

A nice picture of a lady coming out of the water with a forest background and crown on her head and a eagle flying in the background.
Designed by Denise Worisch –

A dark Picture of a Wolf in the forest holding a lighted lantern in a forest background.
Designed by Choax

A wonderful photo manipulation of a lady falling from the sky with a city background.
Designed by Celairen

A Photo of a male model being manipulated with a rock and sky background and a falcon siting next to him.
Designed by DiosaEMR

A Clever manipulate of a photo using a striped horse running into the sea.
Designed by DirtySunshine95

A picture of chimpanzee sitting on a rock holding a rose with a sunset background.
Designed by CosmicCherryTree
Broken Hearted

Two warriors a roman solider and Barbarian warrior with a background image.
Designed by Christoper

A lady sitting on a ladder from a open suitcase and trying to catch the origami.
Designed by

Conclusion –
So What are you waiting for? Get inspired by visiting some of the suureal images created by these awesome designers. Also post your thoughts about these photo manipulation in the comment box. No Spam please.

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