21 Modern House Designs All Over the World

Modern house designs are all over the spectrum in terms of shapes, sizes, and materials as architects seek creative solutions for every problem presented by location, client’s desires, and, of course, budget. While modern homes are generally quite alike with their boxy shapes and glazed facades there are still a lot of interesting eye-catchy ideas out there.

1) Laidley Street Residence

Laidley Street Residence


2) LSD Residence

LSD Residence


3) Un Patio House

Un Patio House


4) Alan Voo House

Alan Voo House


5) Sirdalen House

Sirdalen House


6) LSR113 House



7) Aluminum House

Aluminum House


8) Objekt 254

Objekt 254


9) House Quinta Da Marinha

House Quinta Da Marinha


10) PDR 385

PDR 385


11) Local Rock House

Local Rock House


2996 West 11th


16) Box House II

Box House II


17) Cinema House

Cinema House


18) A&N House

AN House


19) L House

L House


20) House With Dormer Window

House with Dormer Window


21) Dr. House

Dr. House